The State Revenue Society advances the collection and study of revenue stamps of U.S. states.

Our State Revenue Catalog contains over 700 pages of listings, descriptions, and full-color illustrations. This second edition is the most comprehensive state revenue stamp catalog, whose quality is recognized by novice and seasoned collector alike.

We publish the State Revenue News quarterly to disseminate philatelic research articles and keep members abreast of the latest discoveries.

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What’s New

While complete updates are published in the State Revenue News, summaries, announcements, and website-related news are posted here.

Why Collect State Revenues?

Room for Discoveries

Tired of filling spaces in albums? New discoveries of old stamps and unknown varieties are regularly made by our members.

American Diversity

With over fifty jurisdictions, and many items being taxed, state revenues are some of the most beautiful, diverse areas of philately.

Fiscal History

Which state taxed canned dog food? Did you know that taxing soda isn’t a new idea? Researching the fiscal motivation behind state revenues can be surprising!

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