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Welcome to the State Revenue Society

The SRS promotes and encourages the study and collection of revenue stamps and related materials of the states of the United States and their subdivisions.

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First Quarter 2021 State Revenue News

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Illinois Municipal Real Estate Tax Stamps

A compilation by Ken Pruess.


Our members continue to receive heavy metal in Exhibit and Literature competitions. Congratulations to:


PIPEX 2019


A Philatelic Study of U.S. Waterfowl Hunting Jurisdictions, Michael Jaffe.

Legal Alcohol During the Prohibition Era: A State and Federal Fiscal History, Ron Lesher.

Washington State Food Tax Stamps, Cliff Armstrong.

Washington State Apple Tax Stamps, Cliff Armstrong.

Alabama Tax on Seals Revenue Stamp 1866–1884, John Bowman.

Large Gold

A Fiscal history of the U.S. Documentary Taxes 1898–1902, Frank Sente




The American Revenuer, Michael Mahler, Ed.


Pennsylvania Local Deed Tax Stamps Catalog, Robert Conley, Ed.

State Revenue News, Dave Wrisley, Ed.



SRS Exhibit GOLD:

Waterfowl Hunting Permit Stamps, Federal-State-Tribal, Michael Jaffe

California Agricultural Proration, Ken Pruess

California’s Gold Rush Revenues, Aristocrats of American Fiscal Philately, Michael Mahler

A License and Stamp System for Waterfowl Conservation in the 20th Century U.S., Will & Abby Csaplar




The American Revenuer, Michael Mahler, Ed.

First Days, Peter Martin, Ed.

The State Revenue Catalog, Dave Wrisley, Ed.



Catalog_Cover  Catalog_Grand_Award

The State Revenue Catalog!

Completely revised, this Grand award-winning catalog is hardbound with 733 pages containing approximately 28,000 listings, 10,000 color illustrations, updated catalog values, and an informative 18 page Introduction.

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Rave Reviews!

“…among the most important philatelic books of 2014….”

Everett C. Parker, Mekeel's & Stamps MAGAZINE, March 21, 2014


“…a very worthy successor to the 2007 edition….”

Michael Baadke, Linn’s Stamp News, January 6, 2014


“If you collect or aspire to collect state revenues, this is your single most important resource.”

Ron Lesher, The American Stamp Dealer & Collector , January 2014


“…a major advancement over previous state revenue catalogs….”

Eric Jackson, The American Stamp Dealer & Collector, January 2014


“It is breathtakingly good, and such an advance over what we had. Hopefully the entire field of state revenue collecting will now begin a huge leap forward!”  

Michael Mahler, The American Revenuer, First Quarter 2014


"...fantastic and ... a must for those who are interested in state revenues."

John M. Hotchner, U. S. Stamp News, January 2015


“… WOW am I impressed with the quality.”  “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL JOB!!” “It is a beautiful work and more than worth the price.”

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Cumulative Update Available (as of September 25, 2016)

pa cat cover

Pennsylvania Local Real Estate Catalog

This catalog is the first attempt in nearly 50 years to classify these rare and intriguing issues, and will prove essential reading for those interested in real estate taxes or Pennsylvania. 

"It will serve as a benchmark for collectors of these local stamps for many years to come."

Everett C. Parker, Mekeel's & Stamps MAGAZINE, February 19, 2016

State Revenue Stamps of the USA

This is a survey article by Scott Troutman published in the September 2012 issue of The Revenue Journal.

Links to this and other future articles, as well as to many philatelic organizations, may also be found on the Links page.



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