Why Join the State Revenue Society?

What are state revenue stamps? Why would you enjoy collecting them?  Are you fed up with stamps issued solely for sale to collectors? Do you want to start a new collection that doesn't require a large budget? Are you looking for a true philatelic challenge? Then perhaps membership in the State Revenue Society is the answer!

Membership is open to anyone of good character with similar interests. Society membership benefits include:

Quarterly, illustrated publication that includes research articles, new discoveries, and classified ads.

A new, completely revised 2013 edition is available. Edited by Dave Wrisley, it covers all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and has 751 pages with 28,000 listings, and 10,000 color illustrations. After selling over 500 copies, the 2007 edition is out of print.

SRS purchases some current stamps directly from States, and sells to members who then save on transaction costs.  Members buy and sell stamps through Society consignment sales. The Society also sells specialized catalogs, and State Revenue News back issues.

Reference library with nominal copying and mailing fees

Periodic events that give members the opportunity to meet, view specialized state revenue exhibits, participate in presentations, and to discuss new finds.

Revenue stamps issued by states, cities, and counties in the United States provide an almost unlimited opportunity for research and specialization.

If you wish to join, just fill out a Membership Application.