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This page contains links to historical information of general or specific interest to state revenue collectors. It is a compilation of material or links submitted by members.

Cigarette Meter Master List

This list authored by Harold Effner shows, by meter machine number, tax value or package size, colors used, and where used (state and/or local).


General Interest -- Indexes, Catalogs & Early Journals

Adenaw et. al., 1921 U.S. State Revenues Catalog

Applegate, 1930 Excise Stamp Catalog

Applegate, 1936 City & State Catalog with 1937 Supplement

Bartlett, 1910 U.S. State Revenue Stamps Catalog

Forster & Vanderhoof, New York Stock Transfers, 1909

Hermann, "State Tax Notes" in Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 1942-57*

*Reproduced with permission of Amos Media, Sidney, OH 45365.

Hubbard, ed., The State Revenooer/Revenuer, vol. 1-2, 1955-56

Hubbard, ed., The State Revenue Journal, "U. S. Municipal Revenue Stamps", vol. 3, 1957

Hubbard, ed., Personal Catalog

Kenyon, 1903 Catalog -- Alabama, California, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon

Kenyon, 1920 Documentary Stamp Catalog -- Nevada, Oregon, Virginia

Mekeel's -- Index to State Revenue articles, 1892-1957 (Pruess, last part with subjects)

Mekeel's -- Index to State Revenue articles, 1892-1957 (Gray)

Mekeel's -- Index (Gray) and State Revenue Articles*, 1892-1957, #1-275 (100MB)

*Reproduced with permission of Stamp News Publishing,, who continue to publish as Mekeel’s & STAMPS Magazine.

Scott Catalogs, 1-3 Editions, 1874-77

A small number of pages contain state revenue listings (see document bookmarks)

Sterling, 1888 Catalog (State Revenue Stamp Pages)

Walton, Millard, Catalog, 1889 (see State Revenue Stamps bookmark)


The Catalogue of the Crawford Library of Philatelic Literature at the British Library

This site contains indexes to, and searchable documents (pdf) digitized from the major philatelic library built up by the 26th Earl of Crawford. This library was willed to the British nation by Crawford upon his death in 1913. Some documents refer to U. S. state revenue stamps.

Some of the preceding references may also be found here.


State Archival Material


Index to Arkansas Articles in Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 1929-48

Scully articles in Weekly Philatelic Gossip*

*Reproduced with permission of Amos Media, Sidney, OH 45365.

1907 Arkansas Fertilizer Law & Regulations

1911 Arkansas Feed Stuffs Law & Regulations


Feed & Fertilizer Stamp Order Forms

Luxury Stamp Order Forms 1935-74

Luxury Stamp Data Compilation

State--Applegate & Hubbard Correspondence 1963-80

Tax Commissioners 1912-72

Tax Legislative Chronology


Cigarette Rules & Rates


Motor Vehicle Title Stamps


Tobacco Stamp Order Form 1951

New Mexico

Feed, Fertilizer, Honey

Annual Report 1930

Bee Law 1941

Report 1956-62

Annual Fertilizer Report 1958

Annual Fertilizer Report 1959

Rules & Regulations

Department of Agriculture

Biennial Report 1956-58

Biennial Report 1958-60

Biennial Report 1960-62

Biennial Report 1962-64


Liquor Laws

Report 1957-58

Report 1958

Report 1959-60

Governor's telegrams


Tax History

Governor's telegrams 1935


Stamp Order Forms-Feed, Fertilizer, Honey, Liquor

Hubbard Collection 1970s


Tobacco & Alcohol Tax History/Chronology

Tobacco & Alcohol Correspondence 1971, Order Forms 1950-53

Feed & Seed Collector Correspondence- Rates, Commissioners 1961-75

Seed Law Chronology 1909-72


Beer Tax 1935-36 (excerpt)

Beer Tax 1939-40 (excerpt)

Beer, Cigarettes, Oleomargarine 1943-44 (excerpt)

Beer Tax Stamp Order Form 1935

Cigarettes-Newspaper Article about Proposed Stamp Design 1933

Cigarette Tax Rate Schedule Class A & B 1933

Commercial Feeding Stuff Law 1943 (excerpt)

Intoxicating Liquors Control Act 1935 (excerpt)

Intoxicating Liquors Control Act 1937 Enforcement & Admin (excerpt)

Tax Commission 10th Biennial Report, Beer, Cigarette, Oleomargarine 1949-50 (excerpt)

Trading Stamp Tax 1915


Stamp Order Form - Beer

Toppenish, Beer & Wine, Hubbard Letter 1945


State Revenue Stamps - Miscellaneous

Applegate Auction w/ Hubbard Annotation 1957

Pitney Bowes Meter Machine Brochure